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Battle at Dragon Mountain

The first adventure began with the party discovering something was going on in the Dragon Mountains. After some plot hooks, the party was together. Onwards they traveled. The party triumphantly slayed some wolves and learned the rule system. huzzah! The next session was more interesting. The party discovered there was an Oni who had amassed a small army. The party also had in their possession a cipher which contained a powerful magic. The party accompanied itself with a Lion war band to the Dragon mountains in an attempt to kill the Oni. There was much fighting and even more die rolling. Eventually, the Oni died and the party was triumphant. Utako Chicolini the First died horribly to the hands of an enemy commander. Shiba Giri was horrendously injured as well. Daidoji Keiko took vengeance and struck the enemy commander down in single combat. Several enemy soldiers were rescued and subsequently captured by the Togashi Shun. These soldiers were treated for their wounds and taken to the Lion stronghold where they are placed in quarantine. Once the witch hunters have declared these prisoners to be killed or safe enough to interrogate, the party can come back and find out how an Oni could be so far from the Shadowlands undetected.

The players were declared the Heroes of the Battle at Dragon Mountain.

They were then sent to Scorpion lands to deliver the spent cipher as a gift.

Body Count: 1


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